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For a long time, I have wanted a classic car. I originally wanted a Jaguar XK150 but it soon became apparant that even a basket case was well out of my reach. My attention was given to the MGA. The curves were very similar without the expensive tag. I like to think of it as the working man's XK. I asked any and everyone I knew to keep their eyes open for a well priced example, the only provisor was that it was complete. Eventually, the one pictured below was offered to me over the phone. It was a 1961 model, complete and "ripe for restoration". Like an idiot, I was drawn to the description and bought it without seeing it first. The big day of delivery was fast approaching so the anticipation level grew to almost fever pitch. the whole family was dragged down for the big moment. My daughter was 12 at the time and I'm sure she was expecting an almost perfect example of a Ferarri!! This is what literally rolled off the back of the delivery truck. As you can see, it had seen the world a bit and wasn't in the best of condition!! The wife just looked at it, turned around and walked away, Leanne was completely disgusted and refused to talk to me for three days (that was more of a blessing in disguise, believe me), David was 8. he just started laughing and walked off with his mom. Me? I tried to make the best of it and put on a very brave face. The tears came later when the full extent of tin worm was known. This was what I had to work with.


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